Ulysses Martin - Board President

Ulysses Martin III, Board President, is an experienced Civil Engineer and Permaculture Designer. He received his B.A. in Sustainable Community Studies from The Evergreen State College Washington concentrating on “Climate Resilient Community Infrastructure.” He is a current graduate student at the University of Washington Tacoma’s Masters in Community Planning program. He has served local communities in Washington State for over 3 years, and assists with international community development in Central America. Ulysses brings over 10 years of civil engineering experience developing and administering highway projects for Washington State’s Department of Transportation and over 3 years of Permaculture community development experiences. In 2015, he was selected as finalist in the City of Tacoma’s Green Infrastructure Design Challenge where he showcased his innovative urban micro-Chinampa storm water design system to address 21st century urban challenges.

John Levi - Board Vice President

John Levi III, Board Vice-President, received his B.A. from The Evergreen State College Washington. Beneficiary of both Jane’s Fellow program and Devos Urban Leadership Initiate, John has over 7 years of experience in grass roots community engagement and development focusing on youth empowerment, enrichment, academic development and programming, outreach, and community projects to bring individuals and organizations together for inclusive benefit. He also brings his in-depth boots on the ground perspective along with his leadership experience serving in Tacoma WA in numerous community board positions.

Duane Mahone - Board Treasurer

Duane Mahone, Board Treasurer, is a Licensed Professional Engineer and received his B.Sc. in Civil Engineering from University of Wisconsin with a concentration Transportation/Municipal Engineering. Duane has over 10 years of experience in roadway design, Intersection design, traffic studies, signal design, drainage, Intelligent Transportation System and site design and development. He has served both as Project Engineer on a wide variety of transportation projects (new highways, corridor studies, highway/interstate rehabilitation, and lane additions to urban/rural highways, urban street construction, and streetscape projects) and land development projects.

Ellis Holifield - Board Secretary

Ellis Holifield is the Project Coordinator at the William Factory Small Business Incubator. He led the effort to organize and launch the Small Business Development Workshop Series. Serving over 500 small businesses, he has been instrumental in launch and maintenance of small businesses in and around the South Puget Sound Region. His development experienced has been focused around entity formation, model development, finance, investor relations, sales and marketing.